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Finding God in the Wilderness

A Bible study for women who have found themselves in a wilderness season, where their soul feels parched and God feels far away.


What if the wilderness is a tool that God uses to do something incredible & beautiful in our lives...if we can just learn to see it through His perspective

(hint: it is!)

Learn more about Seen: the Bible Study for women in a wilderness season

Friend, you are not alone!

Meet God in a whole new way

God hasn't abandoned you!

He is right there with you in this hard season. In fact, He's going to show up in intimate & miraculous just have to know how to look for Him. Let's dive in and discover Him with fresh vision!

Discover Purpose

God has a purpose for every wilderness season He takes His daughters into. Just knowing that ignites hope! This isn't a barren wasteland destined to destroy you! He is doing something in you and for you. It feels hard, but it's so, so good.

Real Connection

While it feels like loneliness may swallow you alive, know this - you're not alone. And you don't have to walk this wilderness season alone. Join our private facebook group to get (and give!) encouragement from other women who have been there.

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Hi, I'm Kathy!

I'm Noble's wife, Lena's homeschooling mama and the person who walks Ted every morning. But more than that, I'm God's daughter! After graduating from Bible School, I spent 20+ years as a business coach & mentor.

Recently, God lead me into a new Wilderness Season of my own. It was crushing. I felt lost & alone, and I had no idea what God was up to. At one point, my anxiety level was so high that I almost passed out while grocery shopping with my daughter. Something had to change, because I couldn't live like this.

Thankfully, I had this thought: "I wonder what God thinks about wilderness seasons." I decided to find out and dove into studying His Word. WOW!! Sister, what I learned changed my life! It renewed my strength & I started to find beauty in that desolate place I found myself.

God told me to start sharing my story and teaching women to find the purpose in these seasons, to find Him in the midst of it, and to find hope instead of hopelessness.

Hard seasons are just that...hard.

You seem fine to everyone around you, but you're hurting...wondering if things will ever change...if you'll survive this valley... this lonely desert.

Come closer, I have a secret to tell you:

There's a purpose to all of this.

There's a plan.

And there's actually a lot of beauty here.

I know because I've spent a lot of time here. This desert you're in can bloom with beautiful flowers, and there's a refreshing oasis just ahead.

Here, let me show you.


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